In other words, a link page

Throughout this project I have had many helping hands. The Internet was one of my biggest sources of information. Listed below are some of the more important sites that I got information from.


I know most people know about Google, but I added it anyways because it was where I would start a lot of my research. Using their site search function to find info on forums was particularly helpful.

TDI Club

As far as I'm concerned, the best TDI site on the net.

Pirate 4x4

A great 4x4 site if you have thick skin.

Yota Tech

Lots of good information on Toyotas.

4x4 Wire

Excellent E-Locker write up along with other information.

Team Integra

My source for Integra data.


A place where you can learn how to save fuel.

Here's a list of more specific links that I complied during this build. They might not all be useful for my project, but I like to keep them around just in case. I'll try to update it as things progress.

VW TDI Related
Bently Wiring Explained (pdf)
Bosch Terminal Designations
VW Diagnostic System (VCDS VAG-COM)
A3/B4 Glow Plug Relay and Fuse Location
98 Jetta Relay Locations
Disscusion of Turbo Upgrades for AHU TDI
AHU VNT GT1749va Turbo Build Thread
GT1749VA versus GT1749VB
Turbo Surge Info
AHU TDI, VNT Conversion Vacuum Line Info
2bar to 3bar MAP Sensor Conversion for TDI
TDI Intake Manifold Info
AUH Timing Belt Kit
A3 Jetta Timing Belt Change Instructions
TDI VE Injection Pump Assembly
Bosch VE Diesel Injection Pump Info
ARP Head Stud Kit for TDI
Silicone Intake Systems Diesel Parts
World Impex VW Audi Parts
1st VW Parts
Toyota Related
Frenched Leaf Spring Hangers
Toyota Electronics Parts Catalog (at bottom of page)
Toyota Pickup and 4Runner VIN and Diff Info
Toyota Gear Installs
Toyota Engine and Transmission Info
Toyota Axle Gear Change Instructions
Lock Right Locker
Gear Reduction Starters
Toyota Parts Zone

Other Builds
List of Links to TDI Build Threads
Links to Toyota Diesel Swaps and Information
Toyota TDI Build by Flash319 (great adapter plate info)
Toyota Truck VW Diesel Build by Rockclod
Toyota TDI Build by grt1990
Toyota TDI Build by grt1990
TDI 4Runner by Spulen81
TDI Toyota Truck by Eclipse
TDI swap in to AWD Audi A4Q by TDIsyncro

Other Links
Building Turbo Exhaust Manifolds
Turbo Exhaust Theory
Energy Suspension
Fumoto Oil Drain Valves
Walbro Fuel Pickup
Dakota Digital Speedometer Signal Converter