Building a Toyota Integra TDI
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You Need Pieces to Make a Puzzle
Buying the first two vehicles
January 2010

Now Let's Get to the Bottom of this Thing
4Runner disassembly
February 2010

Heart shedding it's skin
Extracting TDI engine from VW Jetta
March 2010

Copper weight loss program
Separating TDI wiring from VW wiring
March 2010

End of the Line for this Jetta
Transporting the Jetta to the dump
April 2010

Aerodynamic, Light, and Just the Right Size
Buying the Integra
May 2010

If it Ain't Broke, Mod it
Integra Disassembly
June 2010

Toyota Frame, Meet Integra Body
Fitting the body to the frame
July 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New
Building a new cross member
August 2010

Relationships Have their Compromises
Modifying the body mounts
September October 2010

Time for Some Go and Slow Controls
Modifying and integrating pedal clusters
September 2010

Sometimes it's Easier to Start from New
Rear leaf spring conversion, Part 1: Rebuilding the rear frame
October 2010

From a Rusted Clutter to Shiny and Clean
Rear leaf spring conversion, Part 2: Axle mods
October 2010

Bullet Proof Mounts
Rear leaf spring conversion, Part 3: Spring hangers
October 2010

The Creation of a Union
Building the adapter plate
November 2010

As Low as You Can Go
Oil pan modification
November 2010

Hold the Power in Place
Custom motor mounts
December 2010

Locked and Ready
Rear differential assembly
February 2011

Getting it in to Gear
Extending the shifter
March 2011

What's Power without Direction?
Setting up the Steering
March 2011

Time to Work on the Front
Front cross member, body mounts, and radiator cradle
May 2011

Itís Got to Stop Somewhere
Rear bump stops
October 2011

Making it Run
IP seals and timing belt replacement
October 2011

Cleaner Lasts Longer
Installing a remote bypass oil filter setup
November 2011